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Hawaii Set For Full Marriage Equality

Friday, September 13, 2013

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As you may recall, the Maui Sunseeker LGBT Resort has been a tireless fighter for marriage equality throughout all the years of its existence. We had a major success when we won Civil Unions which went into effect in January 2012, which was right around the time that New York State had solved the issue of religious independence from their version of full marriage equality. Since New York’s law passed, it has been the benchmark for every state since, that passed new marriage equality laws.

Although Hawaii was the very first state to attempt passage of full marriage equality all the way back in 1993, the state was lacking in full equality with the Civil Unions Law. Thanks to Governor Abercrombie, it appears that Hawaii will have it by the end of 2013.

This week, Governor Abercrombie called a special legislative session for October 28, 2013 to consider the bill which would grant the ability for same-sex couples to have full marriage rights. At the same time, it protects the religious beliefs of churches who do not wish to perform same sex marriages. We should note that over 20 organized religions on Hawaii (including major religions like the Episcopalian Church) signed onto a letter to the State Legislature in support of Marriage Equality. The number of churches opposed to this historic justice is quickly dwindling, but unfortunately, powerhouses like the Catholic Diocese of Hawaii are still fighting against passage of marriage equality. Despite their antiquated protests, the stage appears set for passage of the law.

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The legislative session that will start in October is expected to last about five days and when (not if) the bill is passed, the law will take effect on November 18th. We say when instead of if as political experts do not believe that the Governor would have called a special session without the adequate votes to make the bill into State Law of Hawaii.

“This is now the 20th year of discussion that has taken place on the issue and associated issues with it,” Abercrombie told reporters at a press conference. “I feel very, very strongly that the votes are there to pass this because it is time for marriage equity to take place.”

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We encourage you to write our lawmakers through the various political agencies, even if you do not reside in our state, encouraging them for prompt passage. Here is a link to where you too can be part of this historic moment.

Then come and celebrate your wedding or honeymoon with us………Maui is a top destination for heterosexual weddings and we know Maui and the Maui Sunseeker will be the premiere destination for same-sex couples as well.

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