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What Your Personality Says About How You Travel

Friday, July 5, 2013

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How do you explore the travel kingdom?

Due to the fact that we’re individuals, it would be unrealistic to suggest that everyone apply the same approach to travel. So, which personality are you?

Are you a world traveler carrying nothing but a pair of jeans, change of underwear and a couple t-shirts. Or will you pack ten pair of strappy sandals and languidly peruse a single township, one coffee shop and a couple of attractions for the duration of the trip.

One method is not better than the other, but they are different. And so I say to my fellow pursuers of the travel kingdom, know thyself and plan accordingly. To make it easy, here’s a quick breakdown.

5 personality types and their best suited travel options**:
**Warning, gross generalizations follow**

The Ultraperson: Tireless, focused and completely insane, this kind of person is well suited to a non-stop fast-paced around the world journey. Often carrying their life in a teeny pack, they are not opposed to spending the night on the side of the road and probably refuse to plan more than a day in advance.

The Marathoner: Determined, energetic and moderately deranged, the marathon traveler resolves to see as many places as possible – and comfortably moves from hostel to hostel rather quickly, never dallying in one place for too long. They rarely require a day to rest, and will probably carry their belongings in the largest backpacking pack they can reasonably shoulder.

The Jogger: Enthusiastic, curious and spiritedly, the jogger’s pace is laid back yet purposeful. They set out to see a good handful of places, but they’ll welcome an unexpected opportunity to stay longer in one location. They have a ‘plan’, but aren’t married to it. You’ll probably spot them sporting a wheeled duffel bag and a laptop case.

The Stroller: Mellow, observant and serene, the stroller doesn’t carry a long list of must see’s. Often taking down days, they’re happy to spend an afternoon perusing a bookstore and sipping cappuccinos. While they’re unlikely to sign up for alligator wrestling, they make enthusiastic spectators should the event occur nearby. Retractable handled roller bags every time.

The Recliner: These are the all-inclusives, don’t disturb me I’m at the spa, pool or on an organized tour travelers. The Recliners are perfectly content making few decisions and enjoy having everything pre-planned for them.

Now that we’ve successfully put all travelers into 5 categories, we challenge you to 1) Identify the box you’re comfortable in and 2) Try a different box.

If you’re a Recliner, we don’t suggest testing the Marathon route to start, but there are things to be learned from each approach. Check it out for yourself.


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