Maui Sunseeker LGBT Resort - Kihei, Hawaii, HI 96753, United States

Words from our guests...

"Hi Chuck and everyone! - It is Ed, Jon, and Rick from Labor Day. We stayed in 614 during the filming of the episode.

We enjoyed the episode last night. The changes look amazing. I went onto the website and noticed our room had been updated. How nice. We look forward to your successes and hope to be back very soon for another visit. We also wanted you to know that marketing to the open minded hetersexual community does not bother us at all. Everyone is welcome!

We had so much fun during the visit with the Hotel Impossible crew filming all around us and especially the party on the new deck. We appreciated the fact that you were busy with the production and still gave us all the attention we needed to make our stay a delight.

What the episode did not have time to show was how attentive your staff is and personable. We did not ask or need much during our visit but we always knew that the staff was right there to assist. No matter how busy eveyone was, each person took the time to visit and make sure we were enjoying ourselves.

Thank you so much!"
Ed, Jon, and Rick - December 2012
Los Angeles, CA

"It was truly a pleasure to stay at the Maui Sunseeker. We stayed in room in room 621, a standard room, from 12-6 to 12-12. This was one of the more basic rooms, but nothing was sub standard in any way. The bed was super comfortable with great pillows. The kitchenette was perfect for making coffee and storing cold drinks and snacks in the fridge! We don't cook while on vacation so this worked best for us. Other rooms have larger kitchenette facilities. The pool and hot tub were wonderful and the roof top sun deck is great from early morning on through to evening and late in the evening. There is a shower up there that is open "roofed" so you can shower in privacy but look up at the sky and feel the awesome breezes! That is so NICE! You typically cannot do that "at home" wherever "home" may be!

Not only are the physical facilities wonderful (and getting better all the time), everyone on the staff is friendly, competent, helpful and welcoming. Our room was clean and well appointed. We were able to see a couple of other rooms which were also very nice. We talked with one of the housekeeping personnel who took time away from literally scrubbing the tub, and told us how much she loves working with you and for the only LGBT resort on the island. Thank you for everything you have done to provide such a great place to stay. The value is awesome also. I will come back and I hope it is soon!"
Walt - December 2012
Louisville, KY

"Aloha everyone!
I arrived on your Sunseeker paradise on 10/3 and stayed until 10/6. There aren't words to adequately describe how well you made me feel at home there. My room, #323, was excellent. Well decorated, spacious and comfortable. I appreciate the two great ladies I met in your housekeeping. Both were so friendly to me. I can't say enough about Joe. I took a quick tour of the Sunseeker 18 months ago and Joe was the guide then. After that, I knew I wanted to come back. I was glad to see his beautiful face again. No matter how busy he was, he took time to talk with me and answer questions about Maui. Michael was friendly to me from the word go. An excellent manager, from what I saw, and also a very down-to-earth guy. A big mahalo to Chuck for spending time with this old gay grandpa from Florida. I loved hearing your future plans for Sunseeker, and I hope those darned permits get resolved SOON!!! I especially appreciated you taking the time with my friend and me, after I had checked out, to give us a tour of the whole property. I was already in love with Sunseeker and my friend is a convert now. I enjoyed so much being able to go to the Maui Pride Kickoff reception at the resort Friday night. It was a great time. Thanks for opening that up to your guests. The festival on Saturday was a pleasure as well. So many friendly people. (So many gorgeous guys!) Part of my reason for being on Maui again this year was to do research to decide if I could live there successfully. I received a lot of positive info from you guys and others around Kihei. Regardless of whether I decide to move or not, you all made my visit such a rewarding time. I'll never forget it, and your friendship. Best wishes for great success for Maui Sunseeker, and for each of you personally. Mahalo, and more mahalo, Bob"
Bob - October 2012
Clearwater, FL

"Robin greeted us upon our arrival and was very helpful with insider information about different places to go and activities to do. We rented the small studio with ocean view, which was enough for the two of us, since we did not plan on spending a lot of time in our room. If you prefer luxury, you may want to opt for their more expensive rooms or condos. The staff, including housekeeping, was excellent and kept us supplied with fresh towels, sheets, coffee, etc. Beach chairs, umbrella and ice chest was also provided to us. So, no need to bring all that stuff. They have an early check-out time (11:00 am) and most of the flights out are late in the evening or at night (10:30pm for us). But no worries, you can store your luggage at the office and even take a shower and change clothes, after you spend the rest of the day at the beach. Just be sure you pick up your luggage before the office closes. Maui Sunseeker is a great place in a great location and we definitely will return."
Leonie - July 2012
Mustang, OK

"We really liked that there were nice full bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash so we didn't need to run out and get those. We really liked the junior suite with the kitchen facilities with the pots and pans, as well as full set of dishes and glassware. The bed was really comfortable and the pillows were really nice. Compared to other places we have stayed the pillows are flat and uncomfortable. The only thing we felt the hotel was missing was a place for breakfast in the morning.
PS...from Sunseeker Mgt...we agree about breakfast and we are working on it. Stay tuned as building 400 is about to enter the remodel phase and we hope our cafe plans get approved!"
Mark - July 2012
Des Moines, IA

"My partner and I had a very relaxing stay and would definitely select Maui Sunseeker again. It was nice to be able to feel "at home" together while traveling. Our room was clean, casual and comfy, and the large shower was great after the "phone-booth" size shower we had in Waikiki. We thoroughly enjoyed the staff, who were all enthusiastic and helpful (loved "Albert's" sun-hat)! Even before leaving we began plotting how we might afford to come back sometime soon! Mahalo."
Martin - June 2012
Olympia, WA

"Thank you for an amazing place to stay during an amazing holiday. The Maui Sunseeker is something very, very special. We've made a couple of new, very close friendships that we know will blossom and a lot of that is due to the atmosphere and "vibe" on the property. As I said to you, Chuck, thank you for taking the HUGE step of buying the property and I'm really excited about your vision for it! We'll see you next year!"
David & Dominic - June 2012
New Zealand

"Always an immense pleasure to deal with Chuck, Michael, and Joe. To see all your smiling faces when walking through the front door you just know youre home. You guys are the best and I absolutely love staying at The Sunseeker. The atmosphere is beyond amazing with the landscaping to the beachy comfy rooms. Thank you guys for once again being welcoming and accommodating and for running the best hotel on the island. Mahalo!"
Ryan - June 2012
New York

"The Sunseeker is a very relaxing and welcoming place to stay for LGBT community members. The staff is polite and friendly, and in tune to making your stay pleasant and carefree. The rooms are clean and comfortable and offer a variety of options from a simple single room to the spacious penthouse with private deck and hot tub looking over the beach. It also offers a secluded deck where you can sun or hot tub in a clothing optional environment if you so desire. Outside areas are secure with key entry doors keeping it exclusive to Sunseeker guest, where you can relax or even take advantage of the gas grills located in the main building area or by the heated pool located in the next secure building complex. WiFi is free and provides a strong wireless signal throughout the complex. Sunseeker is located near grocery and dining establishments, and only a 30 minute drive to Little Beach for a day in the sun. I would highly recommend this little resort to any LGBT traveler during your stay on Maui. We had a most positive experience."
Tracy - June 2012
Washington DC

"What a wonderful place to stay, we really enjoyed our visit! Thanks to the wonderful staff, and relaxing environment."
Tracy - May 2012
Washington, DC

"321 is a great corner unit with a nice balcony to sit outside and have morning coffee or an evening cocktail. Nice view of the ocean (wish the powerlines were in-ground instead of on the poles, but what can you do?) Kitchen had all the tools we needed! I like feeling like I'm at home when I travel somewhere, and the Sunseeker helped achieve that! During the initial tour, I was happy to see an ice machine, since I'm always making iced green tea at home, and figured I'd be able to do it here as well. Well, the ice machine never saw me, since we had plentiful ice from the ice maker in the fridge in our unit! The view from 321 is great, and it was so nice to be able to have the sliding glass door open and hear the ocean at night. Having the ocean at literally a stone's throw away was convenient for occasional walks on the beach or a quick dip in the Pacific. (of course, we'd end up driving to Little Beach, but the proximity of the ocean to the Sunseeker is a big selling point!) EVERYONE at Sunseeker made our trip something special. There was that feeling of friendship and warm hospitality at the Sunseeker, that is missing from the big resorts. We can't wait until we return! Mahalo!"
Bob - May 2012
Los Angeles, CA

"Both my husband and I had a great time. The staff were all extremely helpful."
Tim - May 2012
Vancouver, BC Canada

"Wonderfull Team , Great and helpful, hospitality is not only spoken word it is done work with pleasure - that is the team of Maui Sunseeker. For our opinion- the resort is perfect! We wish that the restoration of the middle building will go on further good for you.
For staying guest would be nice to have a once a week house theme party, like BBQ, or anything else like (Pool Party etc)."
Lothar & Franz - May 2012

"We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Maui Sunseeker. Our suite was perfect! We loved the poolside location and the full kitchen. The kitchen helped us control the overall cost of this trip as we prepared breakfast and lunch sandwiches prior to setting out for the day on Maui. Maui Sunseeker was very comfortable. We felt at ease and at home as soon as we arrived. Thank you for providing us a relaxing environment."
Tom and Richard - May 2012
Rehoboth, MA

"Great stay. I was feeling like at home. When all the building are link it will be even better. Good luck with your plan."
Jacques - May 2012
Montréal, QC

"With each visit, the level of service and staff and amenities continue to grow and improve. Quite a feat for a resort that is already perfect! Will continue to recommend this resort and top resort in Hawaii (all islands) for a LGBT oriented resort and especially the best choice on Maui. Always a pleasure coming "home" to this resort oasis in Paradise. The staff and service seem to out do themselves every time I visit. And that would seem almost impossible as every visit has been just ideal and perfect. I wish you continued success and will highly recommend this resort with out any reservations. Sunseeker No Ka Oi!"
Ed - May 2012
Modesto, CA

"Arriving at the Sunseeker was so nice the day I came in. After a few days, I met up with family at The Westin in Kaanapoli for a week. What a mistake. The room at the Westin was dirty and several things were broken in the room that was $500 a night. Anyway, there your treated and charged for everything. The Maui Sunseeker has a completely different look at Hospitality Management than most....They are SUPER sweet and nice, as well as helpful with anything we asked of them. The room was clean, everything worked and I wound up bringing my parents for the last part of my trip. My parents Loved it here too. My mom had a heart scare the day we were leaving and was taken in by ambulance. My trip was extended and I was treated with so much care by everyone staying there and the Management. Michael and his crew will do whatever it takes to make your visit a great one. I am a former waiter from the Resturant Postrio in San Francisco (5star) and I believe this place should have the same rating. Thanks to all of you and we look forward to seeing you again soon!"
Roger & Matthew - April 2012
Sanger, California

"Our experience at the Sunseeker was absolutely wonderful. We really enjoyed all of the staff. We especially liked Joe. He was so kind to us during our stay."
Frank - April 2012
Grand Blanc, MI

"We love the Sunseeker and the improvements and additions are great."
Leon - April 2012
Tampa, FL

"Staff was amazing, very helpful, friendly, knowledgable, and it was apparent they enjoyed their jobs!"
Drew - April 2012
Oakland, CA

"This was our second visit to the Maui Sunseeker. Pleasantly surprised at the amenities and hotel upgrades. It's fun to share with friends back home just how much we enjoyed the Sunseeker. We can't wait to return! Kathy is the best! Mucho mahalos to her and the rest of the staff for making our seventeenth anniversary such a memorable one!"
Jac & Jeff - March 2012
Honolulu, HI

"Rather than ramble off improvements which are so individual in their nature let me just say I think you have everything on the right track. I have already made recommendations (before we left) and in the process of making plans to return with at least two more and potentially 6 additional guests. Maybe we can turn the whole place into a gay Canadian fest :) We spent most of our time with Michael, Robyn and Joe. Each brought their own individual kindness and warmth. Each played a great part in the success we enjoyed. I wish I could have brought all three home. The cleaning staff was courteous and efficent and fast. No question went unanswered and no request unfullfilled. We will return as soon as possible. The grounds were just so well cared for. The rooms were so comfortable and the whole environment so inviting that it encouraged meeting new folks and even spending much more time at the hotel than I would have ever imagined. I'm glad to hear you are expanding/growing and providing more options making the fun even more plentiful. With the hosts/employees you have and the attention to detail you provided I can only imagine the next experience. We can't wait to see you again! HUGS n TUGS to you all!"
Steve - March 2012
Windsor, ON

"Hi guys my name is Dalan and I am the civilian on the left side of the "marine kiss" photo that you used in your latest newsletter email. Still seems strange to us how far it has traveled. I have stayed at the Sunseeker several times and am a huge fan of that place. I have referred as many people as possible over the years as well. Brandon has never been to Maui (my favorite part of Hawaii) and we have to leave for his next duty station sometime in May. So I am not sure if we will be able to come for a weekend before we go or not but will sure make an effort. You have a military discount right? Looking forward to seeing the new larger grounds. ((Sunseeker webmaster note: we offer a 10% military discount.))"
Dalan - March 2012
Honolulu, HI

"We had a great time. Thank you for making our vacation so enjoyable.
The penthouse was fab!"
Brent - March 2012

"Walking into the clean, fragrant, and beautifully appointed and decorated room when the room keys were welcomingly taped to the office door after a very cold morning on Haleakala and a rainy afternoon on the tortuous Hana Hwy, filled me with a sense of relief and joy no words ever could describe. I've already been touting the Maui Sun-seeker resort to my friends on Facebook and emails. It truly was one of the few pleasurable moments on the Hawaiian islands."
Sage - February 2012
Denver, CO

"For my last two nights, I checked into the Maui Sunseeker Resort in Kihei. This is a GLBT resort – I was traveling with my good friend and colleague Andrew Collins,’s Gay Travel Guide. Now as an old (straight) married lady, I’d never stayed at a gay resort before. What I learned: places like Sunseeker are more than welcoming to all guests, regardless of their sexual orientation, and in fact, many straight couples stay there because the chances of having to share the pool with a kid are far less than at your typical resort. (Conversely, the chances of encountering a person going clothing optional at the pool is higher. I’d rather look at a naked adult than someone’s naked kid, but that’s just me.) Our penthouse suite was giant --1,800 square feet -- and had a full kitchen."
Allison - January 2012
New York


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